The Game Fanatics Announces the Mionix CoD:Black Ops PC 4v4 Tournament

Houston, TX - The Game Fanatics ( in partnership with FraggedNation ( and CompuExpert ( are proud to announce the Mionix CoD: Black Ops PC 4x4 Tournament.

This event has been created for the PC Call of Duty: Black Ops community to test their gaming skills against each other. If you like the idea of winning some cool products, then sharpen your pointer finger and get those keyboards greased up.

Below is a quick overview of the event to include the prizes being awarded:
1st Place Team (4v4)
Mionix NAOS 5000 Gaming Mouse (4 Total, 1 per member)

2nd Place Team (4v4)
Mionix NAOS 3200 Gaming Mouse (4 Total, 1 per member)

3rd Place Team (4v4)
Mionix Propus Gaming Surface (4 Total, 1 per member)

4th Place Team (4v4)
Mionix Propus Gaming Surface (4 Total, 1 per member)

5th Place Team (4v4)
GameCom 777 7.1 Dolby Surround sound headset (4 Total, 1 per member)

Below are some general links to help you navigate around the site in reference to the 4v4 CompuExpert Tournament:
CompuExpert and Mionix Call of Duty: Black Ops PC 4v4 Sign-up  JOIN HERE NOW

NOTE: To join, simply click link above and then look on the right side of the page simply hit the blue [Join] link.

Dates for this Tournament are as follows:
Sign-up Open: April 27, 2011 - May 19, 2011

Tournament Begins: May 20, 2011

Rules and other information:
Above is the basic overview of the events but we need to ensure that everyone understands to participate in this event you must understand the following:
·         Teams will have one week to play their matches. You will schedule the matches inside of the CHALLENGE MANAGEMENT area of the site. Failure to play your match, will cause your team to forfeit.

·         Teams can have 1 extra member on their roster if they wish them to act as a Substitute. So, you are only allowed 5 members on your team.

·         If you fail to have at least 4 members on your team, your team will be removed from the event.

·         If teams choose to have 5 players on their team, they must understand that prizes will only be provided for the proper number of players, per the prize pool. Meaning only 4 prizes. It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to provide the names of who gets prizes.

·         Once the roster is locked for the Tournament, players may not join the team. Tournament rosters will be locked as of the start date. 

·         Must be willing to have fun and win prizes

·         Game Tournament specific settings, rules and maps can be found at the link here:
If you have any questions about this event, please ask them here. We will update this thread often over the next couple of weeks. There will be additional posts created as time goes on. If you have any questions please use the Admins Online chat box located on the bottom of the site. 
·         Tournament Rule Setting Polls:

There are also a few other resources at your disposal:

·         Competition Handbook
                -This handbook is your one stop shop for almost everything to do on FraggedNation.
·         Frequently Asked Questions
                - This is a great resource for the minor issues you may have. If you don't find it here, let us know.
·         FraggedNation Video Tutorials
                - We don't cover everything in our tutorials, but we do try to hit the big stuff. Another good resource.

About Mionix:
Mionix is the official product sponsor of the event and are LIGHT-YEARS AHEAD OF THE GAME. Their goal from the very start was to develop quality products with an original design. It is also very important to them that that develop innovative products with unique features that users all over the world can identify themselves with.

About CompuExpert:
CompuExpert is a leading B2B distributor of PC and console video games and video game accessories. They offer unique, integrated solutions for resellers, e-tailers, web stores, computer electronics catalogs and brick & mortar retailers that significantly increase profit margins and customer satisfaction.

About FraggedNation:
Fragged Nation is a community of gamers; for gamers, by gamers. The leagues are all yours, they just do the paperwork.

About The Game Fanatics
The Game Fanatics are a collaboration of dedicated video game professionals and enthusiasts who seek to create a community around fair, unbiased news and reviews. They aim to provide the best in independent opinions without comprising on quality, standards, or character because after all, they are fanatic about games!