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Face Your Fears Sale
Sponsored - Face Your Fears Sale!
Labyrinths of the World: The Wild Side Beta Edition
Hidden Object Game - Mokhan, I came to you to hear your prophesy about my fate and my lands. Then lo and behold, Jag-Jit.
Lost Artifacts: Frozen Queen Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - We can't go any further through this blizzard, let's hurry and hide in this cave and wait for the bad weather to pass.
Dark City: Vienna Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Vienna Reporter, Herr Hofbauer, how do you explain the supernatural events in your theatre.
Home Designer: Makeover Blast
Match 3 Game - Hello there. I am Hazel, your personal assistant to your Home Designer business.
Mystery Solitaire: Grimms Tales 2
Card Game - You can remove higher or lower ranked cards and make a chain of cards out of them independent of their worth.
Whispered Secrets: Dreadful Beauty Beta Edition
Hidden Object Game - Hello. It's Cathy. I need help.
Viking Brothers 6: Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - One fine day, the brave Viking brothers Everand and Boramere set sail across the sea with their friends.
Travel to France
Hidden Object Game - Honey, our trip to Italy was so great, I don't want it to end. What do you think about extending our holiday - into France.
Hidden Investigation 3: Crime Files
Hidden Object Game - I should check if it is the same as the one I found in the cave. There is no doubt that this is mysterio's blood.
Alicia Quatermain 4: Da Vinci and the Time Machine Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - Expeditions, adventures, treasure and mysteries of long-vanished civilizations. All this is out of the ordinary for regular people, but for me it's a just my daily routine.
Camelot: Curse of The Green Knight Beta Edition
Hidden Object Game - A beautiful woman walked in a meadow near Camelot, the thriving kingdom of King Arthur, from out of nowhere, she became trapped.
The Chronicles of Moses and the Exodus
Match 3 Game - For countless years, the Israelites have been enslaved in Egypt, now a prophecy claims a savior is coming, a boy who will grow up to free them from Pharaoh's reign.
Dark Romance: The Ethereal Gardens Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Your Father's death is a grievous loss, my son. Not just for you, but for the entire Levrosse Kingdom.
Detective Agency Mosaics
Puzzle Game - Oh, how I love reading the news in the morning, there's always something interesting, such as this.
Puzzle Game - The once-beautiful, thriving town of Greenville is now on the edge of an ecological catastrophe.
Our Beautiful Earth
Hidden Object Game - Do you love nature. Do you know that there are many very beautiful places on the planet we live in.
Pride and Prejudice: Blood Ties Beta Edition
Hidden Object Game - Miss Elizabeth Bennet, I have a leter for you, we will never meet again, love you all, your Lydia.
Memoirs of Murder: Behind the Scenes Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Hey Mom and Dad, we've had this tape for forever but we've never watched it. What's on this thing anyway.
Secret Investigations: Themis
Hidden Object Game - Hello. I'm Elizabeth and I'm an heiress of one of the oldest families in Old Europe.

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