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Amber's Airline: 7 Wonders Collector's Edition
Time Management Game - Oh my god, my friends are going to be so jealous when I send them pictures of this plane.
Fatal Evidence: The Cursed Island Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Congratulations on another successful case.
Home Designer: Makeover Blast
Game - Hello there! I am Hazel, your personal assistant to your Home Designer business!
Haunted Legends: The Call of Despair Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Agent, you're the only one we can trust.
Wanderlust: The City of Mists
Hidden Object Game - That's it! The city of Mists! We've found it!
Day of the Dead: Solitaire Collection
Card Game - Hello, living one! I'm so glad to meet you.
Bridge to Another World: Gulliver Syndrome Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Ever since I found this porcelain statuette, I've been having strange dreams, where I'm a giant surrounded by miniature people.
Whispered Secrets: Cursed Wealth Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - The truth comes at a cost...
Neverland Treasure
Match 3 Game - Welcome to the island of Neverland!
Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's Speaking with the Dead
Hidden Object Game - Dearest Dupin, Do you remember that magician Brian's case?
The Andersen Accounts: The Price of a Life
Hidden Object Game - Since saving the city from dangerous criminals with new magical abilities, you've become a household name.
Holiday Adventures: Hawaii
Hidden Object Game - Three long time friends make a promise to themselves, no matter what's happening in their lives they would find the time to get together.
Skyland: Heart of the Mountain Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - It's been centuries since humans abandoned the ground's toxic soil and settled on the shoulders of giants.
Enchanted Kingdom: Descent of the Elders Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - At last, the crystal is almost full. Soon, I'll test my new weapon of devastation!
Dark Romance: Hunchback of Notre-Dame Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Paris is in danger!
Fabulous: Angela's True Colors Collector's Edition
Time Management Game - Welcome to Fabulous: Angela's True Colors! Earn stars by completing tasks.
Elven Legend 7: The New Generation Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - In the latest Elven Legend game, you will enter a fantasy world, where a young elven princess and her fawn friend oppose an evil that threatens to consume the Kingdom.
Hero of the Kingdom III
Strategy Game - Your uncle Brent raised you as a skilled hunter. Fate, however, gave you a different path than apeaceful village life.
Nevertales: The Abomination Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - The frightening Abomination is devouring the World of the Four Realms.

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