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Halloween Stories: Mark on the Bone Beta Edition
Hidden Object Game - Agatha, I need your expertise as a mystic. Calm down. Ethan.
Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 13 Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Strap on your hiking boots and join the rangers of magnificent Pinecreek Hills National Park through four seasons of exciting adventure.
MatchVentures 3
Match 3 Game - Embark on an epic match-3 mystery and explore haunted caves under Cliffmont Castle.
I Love Finding Critters Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Visit beautiful locations crammed with copious cute critters to collect around the globe, from squirrels to hamsters and chicks to ducks.
Around the World 2 with the Johnson Family
Hidden Object Game - The Johnson family continues their journey across the globe, and they've invited you to tour incredible destinations to learn more about various cultures around the world.
Book Travelers: A Victorian Story Beta Edition
Hidden Object Game - It seems to me that every child should have the opportuity to be immersed in the magical world of reading.
Vacation Paradise: France Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Get ready for the vacation of a lifetime in this incredible journey across France.
Islandville: A New Home Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - Young Captain Jack and his wife are on a journey to discover new lands and have found themselves on a secluded tropical island.
Shopping Clutter 14: Winter Garden
Hidden Object Game - Poor Auntie Sheep has fallen into a deep depression after the long winter has kept her from doing what she loves best - growing beautiful plants in the garden.
Ancient Wonders: Gardens of Babylon
Match 3 Game - The construction of a marvelous garden is about to start. King Nebuchadnezzar II wants to build a hanging garden for his wife Queen Amytis.
Paranormal Files: Price of a Secret Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - You are invited along for the latest spine-tingling investigation in the Paranormal Files series.
Suddenly Meow 2
Match 3 Game - Tim is back and hungry for a new adventure. Lord Devious has broken free from the fairy's seal and his ominous shadow is threatening the forest.
Mediterranean Journey 6
Hidden Object Game - It's time for your next Mediterranean adventure. Visit new cities and islands while experience the unique culture of the Mediterranean people.
Laruaville 12
Match 3 Game - The ghosts are back and ready for a wild new adventure. A brave cowboy has died - whisked away to the great beyond.
Rescue Team: Heist of the Century Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - From Warhol to Van Gogh, priceless works of art are disappearing from galleries around the world, and to make matters worse, devastating natural disasters are occurring in tandem with these heinous heists.
Maze of Realities: Flower of Discord Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Your niece and her fellow explorers have disappeared in the mountains of Greenland.
Morrok Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Join brave young detective Rudolf Pasaret on a journey deep into the greatest mystery of the 19th century - the disappearance of Professor Albert Viere.
Immortal Love: True Treasure Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - It's the eve of Summer Solstice, a time when magical creatures are said to bridge the gap between worlds.
I Love Finding MORE Cats Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Visit new locations, solve tricky puzzles, and play exciting mini-games. With new cute cats to find, I Love Finding MORE Cats features even more classic hidden object gameplay across a wide variety of scenes with even more great mini-games sprinkled throughout.
Magic City Detective: Wings of Revenge Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Your friend Ymir has invited you to join the festivities at the annual Venice masquerade, but there's more to Ymir and this masquerade than meets the eye.

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