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Collector's Editions
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Baking Bustle Collector's Edition
Time Management Game - This restaurant wants someone with experience. But maybe they'll give me a shot.
Mediterranean Journey 3
Hidden Object Game - Where better to start our Mediterranean Journey than from Valencia main square, famous for its beautiful fountain in the center surrounded by historic buildings, souvenir shops and taps bars where you can try out Spanish national meal - paella.
Fantasy Mosaics 43: Haunted Forest
Puzzle Game - The Penguins went picking berries inthe woods and came to an unknown creepy path.
Roads of Time: Odyssey Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - Behold, my genius, in all its glory, PET. This is the "Time Relocator", it will deliver to me the best ingredients for my milkshakes through time.
Dark City: Budapest Beta Edition
Hidden Object Game - Are you a tourist. You'll need to an amulet to protect you from vampires, but unfortunately, I don't have any left.
Halloween Chronicles: Cursed Family Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Hello, dearest niece, I can't believe it's been fifteen years. We have so much catching up to do.
12 Labours of Hercules XI: Painted Adventure Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - Meet Emma, she loves comic books and drawing, too. One day she can't resist the urge to draw inside her book on ancient Greece.
Edge of Reality: Call of the Hills Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Many years ago, humans found an ancient amulet in a river in the Irish hills. The amulet revealed the truth about the hills - that they protected the magical world of the Seeds.
Arabian Treasures: Midnight Match
Match 3 Game - My name is Saijin and I'm a magical djinn, a genie if you will. I heard your sad story from within the lamp, and your desire to become the wealthiest in the land.
Alice's Wonderland 4: Festive Curse
Strategy Game - Who doesn't know the feeling of light pre-holiday longing. Even Alice somethimes finds herself thinking about now Halloween and Christmas have both lost that unique atmosphere of upcoming miracles and magic that she warmly remembered feeling as a kid.
Montgomery Fox and the Case Of The Diamond Necklace
Hidden Object Game - The fan in my office was spinning in vain. The last few weeks in the city have become so hot that even my friends on the other side of the law have slipped into the shade.
Roads of Rome: New Generation III Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - At dawn, Caesar summoned his most trusted legate, Marcus Victorius, and ordered him to go to Gaul.
Halloween Marbles
Match 3 Game - A cold breeze blows from the kitchen. You hear that. A door creaked.
Strange Investigations: Becoming Beta Edition
Hidden Object Game - Today - August thirteenth, 1966 - the state police have arrested the alleged serial killer calling himself "The Artist.
Halloween Stories: Defying Death Beta Edition
Hidden Object Game - Oh man, am I glad to see you, Roy. It'll be easier for me to handle the nightmares I've been dealing with lately now that you're here.
New Yankee 9: The Evil Spellbook Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - Want to go on an unforgettable Mediterranean cruise. Easy-peasy. First revive the spellbook by dropping it into a cauldron of experimental potion.
Halloween Trouble 2
Match 3 Game - Finally, it was a long trek, but we are finally at home. My kids will also arrive tomorrow.
Mystery Trackers: Fatal Lesson Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - It's strange being back at training camp after so many years, but this time i'm here as a teacher.
Hermes: Sibyls' Prophecy Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - An iron feather. This cannot be a coincidence. It's the second sign we've seen today.

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