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Fatal Evidence: In A Lamb's Skin Beta Edition
Hidden Object Game - The actors' emotions are fake, only I can capture the real emotion. The last breath.
Secret City: Sacred Fire Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Hello, Detective. This is Sakir. Strange fires have sprung up around the Secret City of Brussels.
Cooking Trip: New Challenge Collector's Edition
Time Management Game - Phew, that should be that for today. We have been flooded with customers recently, this is good news.
Faircroft Antiques: The Heir of Glen Kinnoch Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Hello, I'm looking for a Mr. Duncan. A reservation for a Mia Faircroft, if you please.
Fairytale Solitaire: Witch Charms
Card Game - Help a young witch brew her first potion in this fun solitaire puzzle game. Enter a fantasy world and meet its inhabitants.
The Adventures of Wolf and Hood: A Jigsaw Tale
Puzzle Game - Drag puzzle pieces into puzzle frame. Return to level select by clicking the home icon, your progress is saved automatically.
Emerland Solitaire 2
Card Game - Welcome back to Emerland, a world where powerful mages battle for the ancient source of magic that powers the cards.
Haunted Hotel: A Past Redeemed Beta Edition
Hidden Object Game - On our last visit to a hotel, Jessica and I managed tosave ourselves in the nick of time.
Mystery Trackers: Forgotten Voices Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - What's goin gon. Are those guys really in trouble. B-but the date says the signal is from a year ago.
Dark Romance: Sleepy Hollow Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Dear Kane, please come to Sleepy Hollow to investigate teh mysterious Headless Horseman case.
Jewel Match Solitaire: Atlantis 2 Collector's Edition
Card Game - Click on uncovered, face-up cards from the board with a rank that is higher or lower by 1 compared to the card on the Foundation Pile.
Academy of Magic: Dark Possession
Match 3 Game - Avius, one of the last surviving followers of the Great Dark Wizard, has been defeated.
Wildlife Match
Match 3 Game - Hey Fox, there's something going on in the jungle. A party. No, someone is stealing our animals.
Dark Solitaire: Mystical Circus
Card Game - Are you ready to be a part of extraordinary adventure. Take a walk through this strange and wonderful circus.
Spirit Legends: The Aeon Heart Beta Edition
Hidden Object Game - Hello, nephew, I hope you're recovering well. Don't forget to visit when you can so I can check on your new artificial heart.
Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 11 Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Guy, this summer we have more new events and attractions than ever before. There are new trails, new adventure areas and some great places to eat.
New Yankee: Under the Genie's Thumb Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - Joha and Mary are legendary travelers between worlds. They were heroes, and they were outsiders, they fought, and they deserved rest.
Nevertales: Faryon Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - That's strange, the light I saw from outside is coming from that Zen garden. Mom would never leave the house in this state.
Heroes of Egypt: The Curse of Sethos
Strategy Game - Princess Amunet was outraged. She had been on a long journey and was robbed during a rest by a charming stranger.
Match 3 Game - Once upon a time, there was a land full of colourful gems that where worth a fortune.

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