How to uninstall YrJie New Games chrome extension?

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What is the Game Manager?

The Game Manager enables you to download and activate both your PC and Mac games. When you download a game from Big Fish Games, the Game Manager application is installed on your computer. Click the Game Manager icon to open the Game Manager and access your downloaded games. You can play, sort, uninstall, purchase, and activate any of your downloaded games directly from the Game Manager.

How do I open the Game Manager?

If you're operating Windows, open the Start menu and select All Programs. If you're using a Mac, go to the Applications menu. You can also open the Game Manager by double-clicking the Game Manager icon on your desktop or downloading a game from the website.

Can I play games on my iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad?

Downloadable and online PC and Mac games are not compatible with these Apple mobile devices, but please check out our iPhone/iPad page to browse our collection of games designed for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. These games can be purchased directly from the iTunes App Store, and the list is growing, so keep checking back. For more information about these games, including troubleshooting, please visit our iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad help article.

I bought the full version game but it's still in trial mode. How do I activate this game?

1. Open the Game Manager.
2. Click the Buy Now button next to the purchased game you'd like to activate.
3. Choose Already Purchased This Game?.
If prompted, enter the email address and password combination for the Big Fish Games account the game was purchased under.

How can I purchase and download a Collector's Edition game?

Collector's Edition games are available for $19.99 USD*, or for only $13.99 USD* for members of the Big Fish Game Club. Credits, gift certificates, or coupons cannot be applied to this special offer. Once your purchase is completed, you can download and install your game from the receipt page or email confirmation. Approximately 15-20 minutes after the purchase is completed, activation details will also appear in your Purchase History, where you can view past orders and print receipts.

What is the Big Fish Games Toolbar?

The Big Fish Games Toolbar enables you to stay connected to Big Fish Games while browsing the web. Install the latest Big Fish Games Toolbar now to get automatic updates from Big Fish Games, search the web, and learn about new game releases and special offers! The toolbar is supported on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7 and can be installed on your Internet Explorer or Firefox web browser. In addition, you may need to install Adobe Flash Player in order to view some of the new toolbar's graphics.

How do I get the Special Offers game?

Install the latest version of the Big Fish Games Toolbar and click the Special Offers icon. A coupon code to receive a Special Offer game will be listed. See our Using a Coupon Code help article for specific instructions on how to redeem the coupon in your shopping cart while purchasing the game.

What are the special System Requirements for Large File games?

Broadband connection is recommended. In addition, make sure all other programs and applications are closed or disabled while downloading, including any download managers (iTunes, Torrent applications, Limewire, etc.), real-time scanners, or live security scans. (Running multiple applications that access the Internet will slow the download.) Since Large File games usually include complex graphics, for optimal performance we also recommend playing on a system that meets the minimum requirements and uses a high performance video card that can handle the graphics.

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