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I don't like to give too much detail about the specific HOPS or puzzles because it is far more fun to discover for yourself what a game holds in store for you. If you prefer the CE version of games the Tangled Stories: Fatal Love has collectibles, artifacts and morphing objects to be found. The remaining extras are always found in CEs such as a bonus game, strategy guide, etc. All in all, I find Tangled Stories: Fatal Love to be an excellent game and a must-have addition to my gaming library.

The storyline does a nice job also. Not only are there a lot of puzzles but some are different and some are challenging. I actually don't mind easy puzzles, as long as they are fun. I am playing these games to relax and for their entertainment value so I don't want to be stressed to much with puzzles I can't solve.

This game has it all from crisp jewel-toned graphics that are absolutely gorgeous, to interesting interactive HOPS and lots of excellent puzzles. One of the best features of Tangled Stories: Fatal Love is the superb drawing of characters and scenery. The graphics weren't all that bad. The hidden object scenes and the puzzles are also quite standard.

I've been playing this game for 2 hours and I still quite a ways to go. Tangled Stories: Fatal Love has a terrific gameplay and an excellent storyline. The Hidden Object Scenes are mostly Interactive List finds, the scenes are beautifully drawn and there are a ton of interactive items. We highly recommend the Collector's Edition as it comes ready with tons of bonuses: a bonus chapter, a strategy guide, wallpapers, videos, concept art, soundtracks, achievements, collectibles, morphing objects, a souvenir room, replayable hidden objects, and replayable puzzles.

what I like is a good balance between slightly more challenging gameplay elements and easier ones. I've been a fan of the Tangled Stories: Fatal Love series and really enjoyed the games in the series. Oh, and if you just don't like HOPS, you can always switch to a mini game to help complete the scenes. There is usually a puzzle, sometimes two, to solve. The Mini Games are in abundance.

Read on to find out in my Tangled Stories: Fatal Love review how I felt playing the game and what's my opinion on it. The Mini Games are very doable, most are of good length and entertaining. The graphics are beautiful and, yes, icy but perfect for a cold and rainy day here in my town. The voice overs seems to be recorded by some really bored actors and the soundtrack doesn't excel either.

The Mini Games are easy to medium in difficulty. Map: The map tells where the player is and has the special mark when you have something to do there. This Collector's Edition offers the usual Achievements to earn, and there are 41 Hidden Items to collect. I just don't get what's up with the cartoonish graphics.

The story doesn't get a lot better as you play, you have cliche over cliche with a few minor exceptions which I won't reveal in order not to spoil your experience, the story of the game seems uninspired and It really can't draw you in.