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It is a perfect game for a lazy day. I really got into the story when the demo ended. First of all, the landscapes and sceneries in this installment is mesmerizing; filled with exotic locations and interestingly-designed themes. The Strategy Guide, of course, tells you where they are.

One of the reason's I liked this game better than the last, is that there are a ton of Mini Games, most of which are super easy. The graphics are beautifully hand drawn which the production team has become famous for in all of their games. The Hidden Object Scenes are well done, again the devs have done a nice job of keeping the items true to the period of time. The scenes are fairly clear and items are not difficult to find.

The heart-pounding music and the creepy ambient sounds also help increase the suspense of the game. I've been a fan of the Dark City: London series and really enjoyed the games in the series. Don't forgot to look for the Morphing Object in each scene. In terms of entertainment and relaxation, this game delivers just what you need!

There is really nothing new, Dark City: London has a terrific gameplay and an excellent storyline. All in all I highly recommend this game. You truly do go on a nice little adventure. This Collector's Edition offers the usual Achievements to earn, and there are 41 Hidden Items to collect.

This game has fairly nice graphics, but could be a bit clearer. HOGS: There is a nice variety and I'm truly enjoying them. You're not bored with the same old same old. This Collector's Edition has 15 Morphing Objects within the HOP's, 9 Concept Art pictures, p Dev pictures, 9 Wallpapers, 11 Music Soundtracks, 14 Videos, a Souvenir Room, 18 Achievements to earn, 15 replayable Hidden Object Scenes, 20 replayable Mini Games, Collectible Characters, a built in Strategy Guide and a Bonus Adventure, enjoy! Map: The map tells where the player is and has the special mark when you have something to do there.

The remaining extras are the standard fluff but for new gamers the in-game strategy guide is always a benefit. Yes, the game will be a buy for me. I am playing these games to relax and for their entertainment value so I don't want to be stressed to much with puzzles I can't solve. Those looking for an intense challenge won't get it from the game either.

There is usually a puzzle, sometimes two, to solve. The Mini Games are in abundance. I hope all fellow gamers have a good and very healthy 2017. Dark City: London - the Collector's Edition - comes with all the goodies one expects from one. We get easy to find Collectibles, wallpapers, art images and a bonus chapter. As always, I review mostly on the game play and leave the story to others to review.

This game seemed more geared towards the beginner player, as it was on the easy side.