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Game development team did a brilliant job getting the player to feel involved with the story and connected to the protagonist. All in all I highly recommend this game. You truly do go on a nice little adventure. HOGS: There is a nice variety and I'm truly enjoying them. You're not bored with the same old same old. The Mini Games are easy to medium in difficulty.

There is really nothing new, Voices are age and character appropriate, with emotion for a change. In terms of entertainment and relaxation, this game delivers just what you need! The puzzles are more challenging, and they are smartly integrated into the storyline.

The graphics are sharp, the cutscenes are top-notch, and the fancy visual effects are sophisticated. Some of the cutscenes were clear and the colors crisp. The scenes are fairly clear and items are not difficult to find. All in all, Deadly Games: Crimes of Passion is a good game. Not an amazing one.

Many of the scenes offer Panoramic views, where you can scroll further to the left or right in an attempt to make the player feel like they are actually there. This Collector's Edition has 15 Morphing Objects within the HOP's, 9 Concept Art pictures, p Dev pictures, 9 Wallpapers, 11 Music Soundtracks, 14 Videos, a Souvenir Room, 18 Achievements to earn, 15 replayable Hidden Object Scenes, 20 replayable Mini Games, Collectible Characters, a built in Strategy Guide and a Bonus Adventure, enjoy! It is a perfect game for a lazy day. I'm really liking what I'm seeing from this new game.

I think the game is fantastic. I'm having a lot of fun with it. Deadly Games: Crimes of Passion - the Collector's Edition - comes with all the goodies one expects from one. We get easy to find Collectibles, wallpapers, art images and a bonus chapter. Thanks for the reviews. The graphics are beautiful and, yes, icy but perfect for a cold and rainy day here in my town.

But if you want an easy, funny game then this game is perfect for you. There is a good jump map available, that shows where an available task is located, The game flowed quite well and is very easy to follow. Most of the HOP's offer a small interactive puzzle to solve.

I've been a fan of the Deadly Games: Crimes of Passion series and really enjoyed the games in the series. The remaining extras are always found in CEs such as a bonus game, strategy guide, etc. Music: Fits the game just right. This time it doesn't get outright booming. Yes, the game will be a buy for me.

For some the puzzles might seem very easy but I am guessing that most gamers enjoy puzzles that are not "rip your hair out" difficult.