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There are some different gameplay features with many puzzles that I find enjoyable to solve. There is a good jump map available, that shows where an available task is located, I'm really liking what I'm seeing from this new game. It is certainly on my buy list.

Thanks for the reviews. Most of the time, the game is pretty predictable. They were creative. The graphics weren't all that bad.

Myths of the World: Behind the Veil has a terrific gameplay and an excellent storyline. This is the newest game in the Myths of the World series. The production team did a great job with the sights and sounds. Many of the scenes offer Panoramic views, where you can scroll further to the left or right in an attempt to make the player feel like they are actually there.

This Collector's Edition has 10 Wallpapers, 10 Concept Art pictures, 9 Avatars, 6 Screensavers, 16 replayable Mini Games, 4 Music Soundtracks, 22 replayable Hidden Object Scenes, a built in Strategy Guide, a Bonus Chapter. The Mini Games are easy to medium in difficulty. This Collector's Edition has 15 Morphing Objects within the HOP's, 9 Concept Art pictures, p Dev pictures, 9 Wallpapers, 11 Music Soundtracks, 14 Videos, a Souvenir Room, 18 Achievements to earn, 15 replayable Hidden Object Scenes, 20 replayable Mini Games, Collectible Characters, a built in Strategy Guide and a Bonus Adventure, enjoy! This Collector's Edition offers the usual Achievements to earn, and there are 41 Hidden Items to collect.

The HOPS are absolutely a delight with items that are well depicted. HOGS: There is a nice variety and I'm truly enjoying them. You're not bored with the same old same old. I actually don't mind easy puzzles, as long as they are fun. The Hidden Object Scenes are varied, with finding Keywords in a Sentence etc.

Myths of the World: Behind the Veil is a must-have game for me. Not only is the game full of things to do, it is also beautiful and just what I have been looking for after all the dreary, colorless games that wrapped up in the past 3 months. I hope all fellow gamers have a good and very healthy 2017. Animation is excellent, movement are very smooth. For some the puzzles might seem very easy but I am guessing that most gamers enjoy puzzles that are not "rip your hair out" difficult.

I love puzzles in HOPA games and even though some puzzles are familiar there are still some surprises in difficulty. Not only are there a lot of puzzles but some are different and some are challenging. The graphics are excellent with good voiceovers but it is a bit odd that the lip-syncing seems to be a hit or miss sort of thing. But if you want an easy, funny game then this game is perfect for you.

Those looking for an intense challenge won't get it from the game either.