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The graphics are sharp, the cutscenes are top-notch, and the fancy visual effects are sophisticated. PuppetShow: Poetic Justice has a great story, cute hidden object scenes, fun puzzles! In this Collector's Edition version, there's always the built in Strategy Guide to help you. I really got into the story when the demo ended.

Oh, and if you just don't like HOPS, you can always switch to a mini game to help complete the scenes. We played PuppetShow: Poetic Justice on the easiest difficulty mode, rarely skipped any puzzles, and completed the game in around four hours. The sound doesn't manage to match the top quality of the graphics, unfortunately. One of the reason's I liked this game better than the last, is that there are a ton of Mini Games, most of which are super easy.

This is the newest game in the PuppetShow series. As always, try the demo first. First of all, the landscapes and sceneries in this installment is mesmerizing; filled with exotic locations and interestingly-designed themes. The Mini Games are numerous and entertaining, and most of the puzzles give you the option to play the game in either an Easy of Hard mode which is a feature I really like.

I found this game surprisingly fun and interesting. In my opinion, seek and enjoy! For some the puzzles might seem very easy but I am guessing that most gamers enjoy puzzles that are not "rip your hair out" difficult. I'm really liking what I'm seeing from this new game.

The storyline does a nice job also. I Love this game and find it to be the perfect way to spend a rainy Saturday morning, in fact I had to pull myself away to finish my housework. Animation is excellent, movement are very smooth. Puzzles are simple and don't take any brain power to complete, but done well.

This game seemed more geared towards the beginner player, as it was on the easy side. Read on to find out in my PuppetShow: Poetic Justice review how I felt playing the game and what's my opinion on it. I think the game is fantastic. I'm having a lot of fun with it. The graphics weren't all that bad.

Don't forgot to look for the Morphing Object in each scene. The Mini Games are very doable, most are of good length and entertaining. It seems like all of the serial games are basically the same. PuppetShow: Poetic Justice is a must-have game for me. Not only is the game full of things to do, it is also beautiful and just what I have been looking for after all the dreary, colorless games that wrapped up in the past 3 months.

The HOPS are absolutely a delight with items that are well depicted.