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what I like is a good balance between slightly more challenging gameplay elements and easier ones. Thanks for the reviews. All in all, Immortal Love: Blind Desire is a good game. Not an amazing one. This is the newest game in the Immortal Love series.

The hidden object scenes and the puzzles are also quite standard. The game flowed quite well and is very easy to follow. The CE version of the game is rather light on extra content although there are morphing objects and some fairly "in your face" collectibles to find. This Collector's Edition has 10 Wallpapers, 10 Concept Art pictures, 9 Avatars, 6 Screensavers, 16 replayable Mini Games, 4 Music Soundtracks, 22 replayable Hidden Object Scenes, a built in Strategy Guide, a Bonus Chapter.

Those looking for an intense challenge won't get it from the game either. I am playing these games to relax and for their entertainment value so I don't want to be stressed to much with puzzles I can't solve. As always, I review mostly on the game play and leave the story to others to review. In my opinion, seek and enjoy!

I don't like to give too much detail about the specific HOPS or puzzles because it is far more fun to discover for yourself what a game holds in store for you. HOGS: There is a nice variety and I'm truly enjoying them. You're not bored with the same old same old. I just don't get what's up with the cartoonish graphics. Immortal Love: Blind Desire - the Collector's Edition - comes with all the goodies one expects from one. We get easy to find Collectibles, wallpapers, art images and a bonus chapter.

The remaining extras are the standard fluff but for new gamers the in-game strategy guide is always a benefit. Animation is excellent, movement are very smooth. The remaining extras are always found in CEs such as a bonus game, strategy guide, etc. Immortal Love: Blind Desire has a terrific gameplay and an excellent storyline.

This game has it all from crisp jewel-toned graphics that are absolutely gorgeous, to interesting interactive HOPS and lots of excellent puzzles. The Mini Games are easy to medium in difficulty. The voice overs seems to be recorded by some really bored actors and the soundtrack doesn't excel either. If you prefer the CE version of games the Immortal Love: Blind Desire has collectibles, artifacts and morphing objects to be found.

Graphics are really nice in this game, though, just like the animations. As always, try if out for yourself and see what you think. There is really nothing new, Immortal Love: Blind Desire is a must-have game for me. Not only is the game full of things to do, it is also beautiful and just what I have been looking for after all the dreary, colorless games that wrapped up in the past 3 months.

Game play was excellent.