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As always, I review mostly on the game play and leave the story to others to review. Each game in this series has a little different story line and they have all been interesting. I really got into the story when the demo ended.

Puzzles are simple and don't take any brain power to complete, but done well. I love puzzles in HOPA games and even though some puzzles are familiar there are still some surprises in difficulty. The HOPS are excellent and varied with some being different than those normally seen.

One of the best features of Chimeras: Mark of Death Collector's Edition is the superb drawing of characters and scenery. Colors are quite nice and bright, very true. The heart-pounding music and the creepy ambient sounds also help increase the suspense of the game. The production team did a great job with the sights and sounds.

There is a good jump map available, that shows where an available task is located, the scenes are fairly clear and items are not difficult to find, the game flowed quite well and is very easy to follow. Animation is excellent, movement are very smooth.

Chimeras: Mark of Death Collector's Edition has a great story, cute hidden object scenes, fun puzzles! For the experienced player, this game doesn't hold much of a challenge. But if you want an easy, funny game then this game is perfect for you. There was never a moment of boredom playing the game.

There is usually a puzzle, sometimes two, to solve. The Mini Games are in abundance.

All in all, my reviews are based only on what I happen to enjoy in gaming and you might like something different so, as always, please try the demo to see if you might enjoy this amazing game.