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Level 7.

Goals: 1500 Wood.

Resources: 200 Wood, 4 Workers.

New Features: Forestry.

Tips: You will eventually need a total of 13 Workers to complete this strategy, 2 for each of 3 Lumber Mills, 2 for each of 3 Gold Mines, and one to run the Sawmill.

Tricks: Demolish the Cottage (!) and replace it with a Sawmill as soon as you have 1000 Gold.

Notes: Forestries operate like free Sawmills and produce Wood for free (but much slower than Sawmills). They can employ up to 2 Workers, and more Workers make Wood faster.

Strategy: (1) Repair Bridges to bottom right (to 4 Food bushes) and bottom center (to Forestry). (2) Summon 2 Workers to Lumber Mill and assign 2 Workers to pick Food Bushes. (3) Hire 2 more Workers (now you have 6 Workers) for 50 Food each. Continue hiring Workers whenever you have enough Food, until you have a total of 13 Workers. (4) When you have 100 Wood, repair Bridge in center. (5) Assign3 Workers to chop Trees in upper center, chop all Trees there. (6) Repair Bridge in lower left (to two more Lumber Mills) and upper right (to four Food Bushes). (7) Summon two Workers to each Lumber Mill when available. (8) When you have 1000 Gold, Demolish Cottage (!) and build a Sawmill. (9) Repair upper left bridge to three Gold Mines, restore them and Summon 2 Workers to each Gold Mine. (10) When you have 2000 Gold, produce 250 Wood at Sawmill and repeat while you collect Wood from Lumber Mills.

Level 8.

Goals: Save 20 Workers.

Tips: Click just below each Worker (on the geyser) to make sure you Save him. Otherwise you might Miss.

Tricks: The pattern of Workers popping out of the geyser holes is always the same. The level does not start ‘timing’ until you click a Worker, but the Workers still pop up, so you can study the pattern before starting.

Strategy: (1) Save 20 Workers. (2) Do not worry about catching every single Worker, you will meet the Goal after you save 20.

Level 9.

Goals: 4 Upgraded Cottages, Read 1 Rune.

Resources: 1 Worker.

New Features: Treasure Chests–can contain Gold, Wood, and/or Food.

Tips: You will need a total of 14 Workers, 8 just to operate all the Forestries.

Tricks: Build a Market to buy Food, then later Demolish it and replace with Sawmill.

Notes: The final bridge to the Rune will take 2000 Wood.

Strategy: (1) Open Treasure Chest, you will find 200 Food, which can pay for 4 new Workers. Continue Hiring Workers throughout level until you have 14. (2) Assign 2 Workers to Forestry next to Castle and use others to Chop 3 Trees. (3) Repair Bridge on middle left to Forestry, Treasure Chest and Gold Deposits. Assign 2 Workers to Forestry, Build Market on empty lot and buy maximum Food. (4) Repair bridge in top center to the 2 final Forestries, assign 2 Workers to each one. (5) Repair bridge middle right to 4 empty lots and another Treasure chest. Build and Upgrade 4 Cottages. (6) Demolish Market and replace with Sawmill, produce maximum Wood. (7) Repair bridge from Sawmill to Rune (2000 Wood). (8) Read Rune.