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Level 4.

Goals: 1 Market, Catch 25 Fish, Rebuild all the Houses and Piers.

Resources: 1650 Gold, 4 Workers.

New Features: Market, Rebuilding, Fishing.

Obstacles: 3 damaged Cabins, 8 damaged Piers.

Tips: Damaged Houses produce no Rent.

Tricks: Hire 4 Workers. You need a total of 8 Workers. You still need an available Worker to operate the Sawmill and/or Market. Dismiss a Worker (temporarily) from Fishing if you need to, then Summon him back Fishing.

Notes: Markets sell Food the same way that Sawmills produce Wood. Rebuilding a Cabin takes 25 Wood and 1 Worker. Rebuilding a Pier takes 50 Wood and 1 Worker.

Strategy: (1) Collect Rent (Gold) from Houses as it becomes available. Upgraded Cabins produce 150 Gold for Rent and the basic Cabins produce 100 Gold (after they are rebuilt). (2) Start Chopping Trees and continue until the Wood runs out. (3) Build a Market on empty lot (1000 Gold and 2 Workers), buy 100 Food (800 Gold). Later, as soon as you have 800 Gold again, buy 100 more Food. 200 Food is enough to hire 4 additional Workers. (4) Rebuild 3 damaged Cabins (25 Wood, 1 Worker). (5) Produce Wood at Sawmill as soon as you have 800 Gold (you will need at least 3 Runs of 100 Wood each to get all the Wood you need to rebuild all 8 Piers). (6) Continue Hiring new Workers at Castle (50 Food) until you have a total of eight (8) Workers. (7) Start rebuilding the Piers (50 Wood, 1 Worker). After each Pier is rebuilt, the Worker will automatically start Fishing there unless you dismiss him and assign him on another task. (8) Collect Fish as they appear until you have 25 Fish.

Level 5.

Goals: 3 Cabins, 4 Cottages, 2000 Gold.

Resources: 150 Wood, 7 Workers.

New Features: Cottages, Elephant.

Notes: Cottages are the 2nd type of House, with twice the cost of Cabins. Building a Cottage costs 50 Wood/Food and 2 Workers. Cottages produce a basic Rent of 150 Gold. Cottages also require 50 Wood and 2 Workers for Upgrading or Restoring. Elephant will drain flooded area after you Lure it with 250 Food.

Strategy: (1) Repair Bridge on lower left (150 Wood), then assign3 Workers to Chop Trees. (2) Repair Bridge to the upper left (150 Wood). Rebuild and Upgrade the 3 Cabins (and Chop one more Tree). Do not forget to collect Rent generated by the Cabins. (3) Repair Bridge (300 wood) to the Elephant and Food and start Picking Food from Bushes. The Elephant wants 250 Food and will drain Swamp, revealing 4 empty Building Lots and 1 Tree. (4) Build a Market (1000 Gold, 2 Workers) on the empty Building Lot next to Castle. Buy a total of 200 Food to build 4 Cottages. (5) Build and Upgrade 4 Cottages. (6) Collect Rent until you have 2000 Gold.

Level 6.

Goals: 7 Upgraded Houses (any type), 10,000 Gold.

Resources: 2500 Gold, 4 Workers.

New Features: Gold Mine.

Obstacles: Fallen Trees in road must be Cleared, but you get 25 Wood each.

Tips: You will need 5 additional Workers to make your Goal in Expert time. Build and Upgrade Cottages (no Cabins).

Tricks: Do not waste Gold by paying for Wood or Food you can’t use. You should finish with 0 Wood and 0 Food left over.

Notes: Gold Mines can staff up to 2 Workers and produce Gold until the mine is exhausted. Restoring a Gold Mine takes 50 Wood and 1 Worker.

Strategy: (1) Clear all fallen Trees blocking road (get 25 Wood each). (2) Restore Gold Mine and Summon 2 Workers. (3) Build Market (1000 Gold) and buy 250 Food (2000 Gold). (4) Restore 2nd Gold Mine and Summon 2 Workers. (5) Hire 2 Workers (50 Food each) and buy 100 Food. (6) Build and Upgrade a Cottage. (7) Hire 2 more Workers (8 total now). (8) Build a Sawmill (1000 Gold) and make 100 Wood, twice. (9) Hire 1 More Worker (9 total now). (10) Build and upgrade 2 Cottages. (11) Buy 250 Food for Elephant. Lure Elephant to drain the Swamp. (12) Continue making Wood and buying Food while you: (13) Build and Upgrade 4 more Cottages. (14) Collect Rent until you have 10,000 Gold.