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Adora Styles, young girl with beautiful pied hair, decided to open style shop, where everyone can get needed set of services - new dress, new hair, spa and many more! Before work Adora is waking up, taking a shower, styling hair, drinking coffee, driving to work and opening shop. Play more then forty levels of making people beautiful! May is washing client's heads, and Adora will do the rest - make-up, hairstyle, spa, clothes.

Dressing the client is looking like a mini-game: client has own taste and making order, and you must complete it by choosing right clothes from the shown set. Become a style superstar, gaining new devices for your customers, like spa machine, using bubbles and steam to help customers relax. When complete version of Adora Styles: Dressed to Thrill game will be officially published, download link will be added to appropriate section of this lens.