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Our Beautiful Earth
Sponsored - Forests, deserts, small towns, seashores, there are many beautiful places on our planet.
Unsung Heroes: The Golden Mask Collector's Edition
Time Management Game - Unsung Heroes is a game about a young archeological team uncovering a fascinating story in ancient China.
Alexis Almighty: Daughter of Hercules Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - In Hellas, heroes always strive to do their deeds, but Hercules the brave today a fight that's quick doth want.
Travel To Australia
Hidden Object Game - Our visit to Japan was wonderful, but I guess it's time to go home now. Oh, wait a minute.
Season Marbles: Summer
Match 3 Game - Match two or more orbs of one color by launching them from the edges. The aim is to clear the entire area of orbs.
Grim Tales: Heritage Beta Edition
Hidden Object Game - Hi, Anna, I never thought I'd need your help like this. The case is. odd.
Heart's Medicine: Season One Remastered Edition
Time Management Game - Oh, miss, please help me. I. I.
Chimeras: Cherished Serpent Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - My sister's a detective, and I'm an expert in cryptozoology, so she sends me postcards from her cases when they involve chimeric creatures.
Tales of Rome: Grand Empire
Match 3 Game - Flavius was a brave warrior of Rome, but he had not been prepared for this fight.
Rescue Team: Danger from Outer Space Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - We're coming to you live from Ocala National Forest in Florida, where a giant meteorite fell from the sky just a few hours ago.
Academy of Magic: The Great Dark Wizard's Curse
Match 3 Game - Long ago, the magical world lived in fear of the mortals who would hunt them down if they knew they existed.
Road Trip USA II: West Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Welcome to Road Trip USA II -West. Find all the objects in one go for each scene location, there 3 game modes, word, riddle, and silhouette, the map is divided into multiple pages of minigames.
Dreams Keeper Solitaire
Card Game - I love researching all things mechanical, seeing what makes them tick. But I love zeppelins the most.
Robin Hood: Winds Of Freedom. Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - Friends, we must pay the ransom for King Richard. We have a chest that contains enough gold to free him.
Hidden Expedition: The Price of Paradise Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Keep your eyes open. The scroll says, 'Only the evening sun can light the Pyramids' secrets.
Enchanted Kingdom: The Secret of the Silver Lamp Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - I'm so proud of you. In time, you'll be a great forest keeper, protecting these grounds and the animals that live here.
Lost Amulets: Four Guardians
Hidden Object Game - Long ago, four magical amulets kept nature and the world in harmony. A wise and powerful goddess, the Queen Mother of the West, gave these amulets to mankind as a gift.
Maze: Sinister Play Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - My name's Sophie, and I'm on a camping trip with my long-time best friends. This is Dario.
New Yankee 8: Journey of Odysseus Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - As the glorious knight Sir John was resting after a hunt, his sage adviser was penning his chronicles.
Summer Adventure 4
Hidden Object Game - Find all the listed objects, find all hearts to explore hidden animals, find ll anchors to explore ship or yacht, open the album with animals, open the album with ships and yachts.

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