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These three years in Reveries: Sisterly Love game were like a nightmare, I was bed-ridden and thought I’d never recover. And I’m still so young! If it had not been for my twin sister Monica, I’d remain sick till the end of my days! Every morning she’d come to see me saying she’d do anything to help me get better. This morning in Reveries: Sisterly Love game for PC a bright light woke me up and a strange sight meet my eyes. I saw my sister standing next to some weird-looking woman while getting older by the minute. Then they both disappeared in a shimmering mirror. The next moment I felt unexpectedly energetic. My sister sacrificed herself for my sake and I won’t rest until I get her back! Download Reveries: Sisterly Love PC game for free and follow the witch to the magical country, from where she came from through the mirror! Forget about your past illness, save other victims of evil witch and save Monica’s youth and beauty from her greedy claws!